Often just the first half of this verse is quoted and frequently an application is made without the second part of the verse being mentioned (the declaration, what God is saying) and the people sitting the pews have no idea of what God is saying in this verse. Declaration first, then application is preaching the Word as the Author intended it to be proclaimed.

Where there is no vision [the absence of God's law -- an open revelation from God or no physical presence of His Word], the people perish [cast off restraint: do whatever they want to do]: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he (Prov. 29:18).

Do you see how distorted the verse becomes when only the first part is quoted? The declaration in this verse has nothing to say about anyone's "vision or burden" to reach lost souls in some mission field that is needful of evangelization. Although, this could be an excellent application to such people in the world who have never heard God's Word and know nothing of Jesus Christ and His gospel. In order to "preach the Word" one must make the declaration first, and then give an appropriate application. This is what a preacher was commanded to do when he was told to: "preach the Word".